Understanding Link Building and Why It Is So Important

Link Building is the method through which an SEO service obtains links from other trustworthy websites to your website. It is a secondary act that allows both websites, you and the other domain, to build and earn links from one another in order to enhance traffic and domain authority. You may not realise you’re already […]

Why SEO Is Important For Businesses During This Pandemic

The impact of Covid 19 on the majority of enterprises is extraordinary. All those years of unending labour and sacrifice have been for naught. Every business in the world is battling to the core, but one thing seems too good to be true: Internet usage among searchers is more than it has ever been, despite […]

Server migrations are “uneventful for Google systems”

Server migrations “are pretty uneventful for Google systems” so long as everything else stays the same, although Googlebot will readjust how frequently it crawls your site, Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller said on the September 24 edition of #AskGoogleWebmasters. The question. “Our site is changing servers and I’ve had this go disastrously in the past. […]

Do local citations matter anymore? Five local SEOs sound off

Actively managing local citations – business listings and mentions across the web – used to be a key focus of local SEO and helped propel Yext to an IPO two years ago. Citations were historically seen as a critical local ranking factor. But things have changed. Some local SEOs now dismiss citations as almost meaningless. […]

Google’s diversity update was pretty minor

Google’s June 6 diversity update to limit SERPs from showing multiple results from the same websites had a fairly minimal impact of results, according to a new Moz report analyzing their dataset. Moz’s findings. “While Google technically improved site diversity, the update was narrowly targeted and we had to dig to find evidence of improvement,” […]