Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing that You Should Know!

Advantages of Digital Marketing Targets That Can Be Set As You Want The first advantage that digital marketing promotion media has is the target customer that you can adjust according to your expectations. Because digital marketing has several types so you can choose one of them. Where you can choose which digital marketing to use. […]

5 Differences between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

What is Traditional Marketing? Marketing is basically an effort made by service providers or product providers to reach the market share they want. Traditional marketing in its simplest definition is a method of promotion, advertising, and branding campaigns that have been carried out by business people for a long time, and their effectiveness has been […]

Digital Marketing Is a Combination of Techniques

Types of Digital Marketing Techniques That Are Widely Used You need to know this time that digital marketing is divided into several types. This is based on the finding that digital marketing does not work in one kind. Although indeed all types have the same goal, namely promotion and marketing. However, to increase your knowledge […]

What Is Email Marketing?

Even though email marketing is not something new, there are not a few entrepreneurs and marketers who don’t really understand the true meaning of email marketing. At its most basic level, email marketing is the use of email to promote a business. Email is one of the main digital marketing techniques. They are used to […]

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is determined based on the use of various digital techniques and channels to build relationships with customers where they spend a lot of time online. Starting from the website itself – to the brand assets of your business in the online world – digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures, and more – there […]

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clear audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Benefits of Content Marketing In particular, there are three main reasons and benefits for companies running content marketing campaigns, namely: Increase sales […]

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Definition Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing other people’s products or companies. Affiliates simply search for a product they like, then promote that product and profit from every sale they make. Sales are tracked (tracking) via an affiliate link from one website to another. How […]

Website Benefits For Business

There are many benefits of a website, especially the benefits of a website for businesses. Some of them are as follows: More professional and credible Consumers are now more careful in choosing the product or service they need. Not only in terms of quality, consumers also judge the brand owner. One way consumers evaluate it […]

Digital Marketing Funnel

In the world of digital marketing, one of the steps you can take to help your business is to build a digital marketing funnel. This concept can maximize promotion and see the results in the form of income. So, it’s not just a big promotion without a clear target and maximum results. What is the […]

Benefits of Using Digital Marketing Services

Using digital marketing services means that you take advantage of services from third parties to carry out digital marketing activities. There are various benefits of using this digital marketing service, including: Marketing is done in a professional manner Digital marketing is very complex, so it takes people who are experts in their fields to take […]

Benefits of Cheap Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services are indeed very helpful for you in marketing products or services in a large and wide manner in the digital world. Moreover, by using digital services you will also get free consultation and strategic planning that is most suitable for your type of business. The following are the benefits of digital marketing […]

Trusted Digital Marketing Agency Services

In order for your business to develop properly, you need the right marketing strategy, besides that if you want to use digital marketing services, make sure you choose a trusted digital marketing agency. Currently, many digital marketing service providers offer services to help large companies and small-scale businesses to market their products. However, not all […]

Why Do Businesses Need Content Marketing?

Content marketing has been valued as an important part of the business. His role was even considered effective in developing an online business. So, if you are an online businessman, start to learn how to create and apply it. In the digital age, customers tend to prefer to interact with content that interests them. This […]

SEO Is A Digital Marketing Strategy That Must Be Done

Digital marketing is one part of the marketing world that is currently being used by many companies. With changes in people’s lifestyles that change from offline to online, it must be increasingly maximized in terms of digital technology. To be able to get the right steps, we need an optimal digital marketing strategy. One of […]

Google working on fixing data in URL parameter tool

The legacy URL parameter tool in Google Search Console is having some issues, Google is aware and working on it. Google has confirmed that the company is working on fixing a data issue with the URL parameter tool. This is a legacy tool within Google Search Console that lets advanced SEOs communicate to Google insignificant […]

Google’s new take on Shopping goes live in U.S.

Google’s new personalized shopping “destination” is now live in the U.S., the company announced Thursday. As we reported when Google first teased the U.S. release of the revamped Google Shopping experience in May, Google is bringing personalized Shopping, local inventory and better checkout to Shopping. The experience first debuted in France earlier this year. Buy […]

Server migrations are “uneventful for Google systems”

Server migrations “are pretty uneventful for Google systems” so long as everything else stays the same, although Googlebot will readjust how frequently it crawls your site, Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller said on the September 24 edition of #AskGoogleWebmasters. The question. “Our site is changing servers and I’ve had this go disastrously in the past. […]

Google Search Console speeds up data in performance reports

Now you can get fresher data in the Google Search Console performance reports, Google has announced. Google also now lets you export the data using a custom date range. How fresh? Google said the data is “as recent as less than a day old.” We checked our various reports and Google is showing updated data […]

Google Ads to remove accelerated ad delivery option next month

Google Ads announced a coming change to ad delivery options that will start September 17. The accelerated delivery option will be removed and standard delivery will be the only option for Search and Shopping campaigns, as well as for campaigns with shared budgets. Automatic switch by October 1. Any Search or Shopping campaigns and shared […]

Do local citations matter anymore? Five local SEOs sound off

Actively managing local citations – business listings and mentions across the web – used to be a key focus of local SEO and helped propel Yext to an IPO two years ago. Citations were historically seen as a critical local ranking factor. But things have changed. Some local SEOs now dismiss citations as almost meaningless. […]

Google’s diversity update was pretty minor

Google’s June 6 diversity update to limit SERPs from showing multiple results from the same websites had a fairly minimal impact of results, according to a new Moz report analyzing their dataset. Moz’s findings. “While Google technically improved site diversity, the update was narrowly targeted and we had to dig to find evidence of improvement,” […]

Experiment: How Airbnb sparked travelers’ interest across their planning stages

What we set out to test Can advanced audiences on YouTube spark interest and unlock relevant results with audiences at different stages of their decision-making journey? The background Airbnb is the global leader in vacation rentals. Looking to build its brand in APAC, the company identified India as one of its focus markets. Airbnb wanted […]

How Nestlé Taiwan used data-driven attribution to reach moms-to-be

At the Infant Nutrition Division of Nestlé Taiwan, data-driven attribution is being used to drive an overall increase in conversion rates and to boost overall orders and turnover. It’s also helped Nestlé Taiwan gain insights to consumer conversion pathways, move away from the last-click mindset, and develop better marketing strategies for connecting with niche audiences […]

Experiment: How Maggi maximized its website discoverability

What we set out to test Can Dynamic Search Ads help maximize content discoverability and minimize operational effort? The background The internet is full of content from tons of brands competing for consumer attention. MAGGI has long been an ally to home cooks in promoting the goodness of homemade food with its wide range of […]

Malaysia’s traditional businesses use YouTube to catch up to their digital customers

Shopping bags in one hand, smartphones in the other — Malaysian consumers have become sophisticated, digital-first shoppers demanding customized online experiences. Yet many businesses fall short of providing these experiences, with less than one in five having an online presence.1 Here’s how three brands from traditional industries used YouTube to reach their most engaged audiences […]

Growing up with YouTube in Malaysia

Malaysians progress through life at their own pace, moving between key stages that bring fundamental changes to their lifestyles, behaviors, and mindsets. Those life stages also impact how they watch YouTube. In partnership with Kantar TNS, we studied Malaysians across four distinct life stages — single professionals, couples with no children, couples with young children, […]

What ad viewability is and why it matters for SEA marketers

Just because your ad is served online or in an app doesn’t mean people will see it. Here’s what viewability is, how it’s measured, and why it matters. Whether it’s hiding below the fold of a webpage or muted in the feed of an app, there’s no guarantee your video will be seen the way […]